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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Sonata

Where can I find the paint codes for my car?

All Hyundai Sonata cars have a paint code. However, the code can be found in different places in the car depending on the year.

The paint code will assist you in buying the right paint color formulation for your Sonata color and model year.

The paint code is on a sticker, or label, and usually located inside the driver's side door, or in front of the radiator. It will typically say 'Manufactured by Hyundair Motor'... at the top.

Near the top you should see the word 'Paint' followed by a 2-digit code. The 2-digits (letters and/or numbers) is your paint code.

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showing exactly where the paint code is located on the sticker.

Can I Merely Get Any Paint Locally?

No. You are looking for an auto paint company whose expertise is providing OEM, or original manufacturer paint colors, for Sonata makes and models.

No one has auto touch up paint standing around for your 7-year old car. If they did it would likely not be good anymore.

Only a couple handpicked auto paint companies exist with the state of the art equipment vital to precisely create the accurate paint color for your Sonata.

The recommended touch up paint provider is MicroFinish AutomotiveTouchup because of their capacity to match the original paint color of your car, high quality of paint, and inexpensive pricing.

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